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Straight ahead is my...

Home Office In A Coat Closet:

 Living Room:

{The Christmas jar has been put away, and the picture switched.}


Built-In Shelves: 

Mantle: Now and Then

Kitchen: Updates Coming Soon!
My goal was to remove kitchen-y items and, instead, incorporate elegant living room items.

"Heirloom Room" - Our Guest Room:
This ENTIRE room cost me $275. I literally started with nothing.
Also, this room has NO windows and black carpet.
It's a half garage convert by the previous owners.
It looks like this now.  ^^^^
But it once looked like this...
These $1 speaker boxes made charming side tables. 

Master Bedroom:
Believe it or not, I wanted our room to feel like a hotel. Not a lot of personal clutter, just elegant essentials.

{Frenchy} Bedroom Bath:

Sutton's Room:

Grayson's Room: 
Coming soon

Main Bathroom:
More coming soon.
{Yep. That candle holder is our "soap dish."}

I update this page frequently, so come back soon.

Thanks for visiting! If you have any questions regarding my decor, please email me.

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