Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Style As Seen On Instagram - @meredithlynngarrett

I thought it'd be fun to do a style post, and Instagram happens to be where most of my pictures land. 

{By the way, I'm a Follow Back girl, even on Instagram.}

Search "Users" for @meredithlynngarrett

We've been friends since 1993!!

The coat (above) was thrifted...had my name written all over it, and felt very "Almost Famous." 

The faux fur (below) was also thrifted. This is a staple in my every day wardrobe. 

The vintage magazine clutch features the Vegas strip. I've had it for about 18 years, I believe. 

I found it in a pile at the Goodwill and fell in love.  

DIY iron on monogramming. #yesplease

That day's wrist candy.

...And a tip I've employed for many years. 

Fashion is fun - but fleeting. 

STYLE is what matters. 

It's your signature. 

It doesn't have to be what's popular or expensive. 

Style makes you who you are and leaves a lasting impression. 

Master your style with a smile....

...because confidence is your best accessory.

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PolkaDottyPlace said...

Thanks for the instagram details - new follower here! I love that floral, flowy top and I have used the pencil eraser earring back trick more times that I can count #lifesaver. I love your furs and the Almost Famous reference!! Glad to get to keep up with you on insta :)


I don't have Instagram, but very interesting, pretty Meredith. Thanks for all the tips too. I am one that loves fashion, so just blog about it girl friend. I don't blog, but love to be on style, as much as I can for my age, as I hate the frumpy look, lol!
Loved your sweet comment...tks.

Monica Siembieda said...

I love all of those pieces from the fur to the bright pieces. Definitely must haves for every girl's closet :)