Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Have You Tried That Crazy Wrap Thing??

Ladies!!! Consider this post a MUST read!!!

If you're as terrified of swimsuit season as I am, today is your lucky day, because I'm sharing about a product that I've fallen in love with...and I think you will, too.

I'm talking about Ultimate Body Applicator {"wrap"} from It Works!

Have you heard of these yet??
They are seriously taking the world by storm because they're affordable and effective.
{Yes, even WE can use the same "secret" that Hollywood uses!}

Not only does an Applicator reduce the appearance of cellulite, it tightens, tones and firms any place from the neck down in as little as 45 MINUTES!!!! 

Are you skeptical? 
Yeah, I was too. 
But that didn't stop me from trying it:

I don't know about you, but I'd rather wrap then get Botox, liposuction or wear Spanx. Amen?

All you do is take the Ultimate Body Applicator out of the thin package, 
 UNFOLD the wrap, 
and put it on your body anywhere from the neck down - arms, back, thighs, butt, stomach.
Leave it on for a minimum of 45 minutes, then remove it. 
Be sure to drink water while wearing the wrap and over the next 72 hours for progressive results.

Photo Credit: It Works! Global Facebook Page
Photo Credit: It Works! Global Facebook Page

For some it takes the box of 4, but I DID see results after my first wrap.
Men can use it, too. 
Photo Credit: It Works! Global Facebook Page

A friend of mine is a very successful distributor with It Works! Global, and so I looked more into the company as well. I liked it so much, I decided to join, too!!!! #Mompreneur 
This company has so many products that make us look and feel better - from the inside out.
**So, friends, if you could help me get my personal business started, I would be so excited!** 
For signing up as my loyal customer, you'll pay WHOLESALE prices and get FREE shipping. 

1. Visit my website www.meredithg.myitworks.com, and make sure "Meredith Garrett" is at the top.
2. Commit to trying at least one product {Wraps, Defining Gel, Greens, etc.} for 3 months.
3. Once you are ready to check out, sign up for the 3 month program. 
4. Make sure your billing address matches the address to your card.


You can just pay retail prices and not sign up as a loyal customer. But you won't get the amazing discount, as well as the Perks Points and FREE shipping.

Comment or email me if you have ANY questions about how to use the products or if you just want to try a single wrap for just $25!!

What do you have to lose?! ;) 

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day.

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Wow, all these products look awesome! I'm so glad you're back, now I'm taling a blog brake cause I'm going to the coast to relax at the beaches and to eat sea food, lol!

NanaDiana said...

Good luck, Meredith, with your new business venture. Love the product! xo Diana

Ugochi said...

I have heard a lot about this product and it's wonders. I wish you success in this new business, well done!