Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why Christmas Means So Much To Me

There's something about Christmas that fills my heart with gratitude. 
Gratitude that Christ was born - that God sent His Son to earth. That Mary was so selfless. Can YOU imagine riding a donkey while having contractions and then giving birth in a stable - the smell of manure around you? It's scary enough having a baby in the comfort of a hospital. 
I am so grateful that I get to spend Christmas with my family. Today we went to my parent's home. I rarely show them all, as I like to ask before I post pictures of them {#goodetiquette}. Let's just say I didn't get a chance amidst all the festivities today.

I did manage to "okay" a funny one with my younger brother, Timmy. He likes to poke fun at my old sorority days with this throwback pose. In two weeks, he'll be moving out of state, and my family will miss him terribly. This Christmas with him was kind of special. 
Here's my little cabbage patch kid with her loving daddy! 
Would you guess that my tunic and her dress are from the Goodwill?
On Christmas Eve, we had my in-laws over. Grayson and Sutton wore their pajamas, and we ate pizza and watched It's A Wonderful Life - one of my favorite movies. It was a lot of fun!
Christmas is when I make my famous sausage balls...
...And they are worth every calorie. To me, Christmas means carrying on traditions as simple as this. 
I'm also grateful for life-long friendships, which is something I share with my best friend, Janaea. {We met on the playground in the 4th grade.} I love how Christmas brings family and friends together. 
But, I can't forget...this season isn't always so cheery and bright. I have a few friends who are going through divorce, and my dear friend from high school just lost his older sister who leaves behind a little boy. Loss, loneliness, hard times, divorce, sickness - there are so many things that people are battling today. If you are one of them, I pray that you will find even the smallest comfort by leaning on the one who was born on Christmas. 

I wish you all peace and love this season. 

***And I'd like to give a special thank you to all those serving overseas.***

With love,


Ashley Ditto said...

Your pictures are amazing! Beautiful family! Praying blessings for your new year!!

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

Your family is so beautiful! Love your dress finds at goodwill too. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!