Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Meredith Got Her Groove Back...In 5 Ways

Scoot over Stella. Miss Meredith's getting her groove back. 
Now, if you're wondering where my groove went, I should assure you that it never "actually" left.

It just kind of wandered off like a tumbleweed...a hormonal tumbleweed. 
{Now THERE'S a country song for you, Ms. Underwood.}

In all seriousness, I don't know what has come over me. But...
I suddenly want to do everything that my little heart desires. 

Even if I fail miserably every day, I'm going for it!

Here's what I've been up to:

1. I'm Re-Learning French
"Bonjour, mon amis! Comment allez vous?"
Do you see what I did there?? I spoke French! ;) 
I've always loved the romantic, intelligent charm of the language. And since I studied it for 2 semesters in high school, I remember some of it. It's not like I aim to be fluent, but I'm trying to learn about 2-3 new things every day. Poor Joey has to tolerate listen to me "test" phrases out on him. To my credit, I learned how to say, "I'm happy to be your wife." But even this failed to elicit a nod of praise from him. {One day, Honey, you'll see. When we go to Paris, you'll be SOOOO thankful I studied French for "no reason" at 1 AM all those nights.}

2. I'm Doing Insanity
Picture me doing short suicide sprints in front of the living room TV, with two small children on foot. I'm constantly stopping to wipe noses, break up get the idea. And I can usually get in 25 minutes before I need to move on for the kid's sake and for the sake of my cracking knees. Sometimes I wonder why I'm "doing this to myself"or "is it humanly possible to keep going?" or "If I pass out, who will take care of the kids??" But, I really like the feeling of pushing myself and working out this hard - even if I only do it about 4 times a week. Without saying much about Joey's work schedule, I will tell you that, if I'm going to workout, I'm going to have to do it with the kids awake - and simply make the most of it. 

3. I'm Writing Again
The little writer in me surfaces from time to time, saying, "Write! You have a story to tell!" So that's what I've been 12:30 AM. If I want to have a hobby, it's going to be accomplished after all is said and done, and all family members are tucked away in bed. 

4. I'm Reading the Bible Almost Every Day
I know that sounds all "goody two shoes," but {especially} if you're a Christian, you should be reading God's word, too. I used to think I could simply read books ABOUT bettering my Christian walk {think Joyce Meyer books}, but I recently came to the conclusion that, in order to really know the character of the Lord and His will for my life, I ALSO needed to STUDY the Bible...not just read it. I'm going at a snail's pace, and most days I may only read one or two chapters. But, I'm already learning so much! I grew up memorizing verses and learning stories, but I've never read the Bible in its entirety.

5. I'm Saying Daily Declarations
...3 pages worth, to be exact.
You can read more about this on my "Faith" page up top, but I DO believe that our words affect our life in positive and negative ways. Thus, I choose to INTENTIONALLY declare bold blessings over my children, my finances, my marriage, my health and my friends/family. For example, I say sentences like:
"I declare that no cancerous cells or diseases are forming in my body, and that I'm sharp-minded."
"I declare that Joey and I are still deeply attracted to one another, and that we strive to meet the others' needs."
"I declare the Lord's supernatural favor in my finances, and that I'm debt-free."
"I declare my husband has favor and high esteem with his boss and his colleagues."
"I declare that it's easy for my kids to make friends, and that they are confident."
{I WAS declaring that Grayson was fully potty-trained and LOVED going #2 in the toilet, and soon happened.} ;)
Y'all can think I'm crazy all you want, but it eases my anxieties when I hear these words spoken over my life. It strengthens my resolve and renews my hope. 

Go on. Declare that your kids sleep through the night. Declare that your home will sell. Declare that it's easy to say no to fast food. Declare that your donor match is on its way! Pray it, and say it!
Proverbs 18:21 "The tongue has the power to bring life and death."

There you have it, friends. 
Are you doing anything to pursue your goals or dreams...the life you desire? How are you getting your groove back?

I hope you've found a seed of inspiration here today - or at least a seed of laughter. :)
Au revoir!

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Suzan Sweatman said...

Tres bien " poste " mon amie!!!
I've got some serious DECLARING to do here!
Big hugs,

Suzan Sweatman said...

ooops - et j'aime votre nouveau
" look " pour le blog!!!

Scarlett said...

My oldest learned French when we lived in Canada. It is such a beautiful language! Yes, to being in the Word for ourselves and our children. That is exciting! And I've already told you, I agree on those declarations!!! So powerful. We're releasing heaven on earth!
Scarlett xo

Heather D. said...


First off, I lol'd when I read your title. bahaha. also. I LOVE your daily declarations idea. I am adding this for sure.


Irfan Butt said...

Lovely and entertaining post..

Design_Fluff said...

I always tell my husband that the French language is the most beautiful one. It's been on my "to do" list.

We are a multicultural family and we would love to speak several languages.

I go through periods where I study the bible intensely for months at a time then I take a break. So, I decided recently too, that it's time to go back to studying.

Also one of my goals are to study Constitutional Law program with a wonderful Christian lawyer, Michael Farris.

I have a passion to help others and myself understand our freedoms to avoid the mess this Country is in right now. And to ensure a free country for my children.

It's so very sad to think that we've gotten to the point where our government is labeling Christians and those that are strict Constitutionalists as terrorist. This brings me back to those years of Church on Sundays being told this would eventually happen.

Oh, there really are just too many goals to list, that I put up for myself this year.

Congrats on yours, and "getting your groove back." How exciting!

Heather Nelsen said...

Go you! Relearning French?! Tackling Insanity?! I'm impressed! I took Italian in high school and college and would love to "get it back"! As for Insanity, I tried it once and it wasn't my thing. ;) Think I'll stick to Jillian Michael's and an occasional P90X with my hubby. :)

You ROCK though!!


Karen A said...

Great post! Love that you're taking up French and exercising. I'm starting to exercise again (just the treadmill) and need to start speaking Spanish again. Ha!! Love the declarations! I don't think you're crazy at all. I believe in mind over matter, positive thinking, etc also.

Annmarie Pipa said...

good for you!!!! fabulous stuff!!!!!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I love that your doing these things and not waiting to make a bucket list sort of thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT .. YOU go girl .. got me inspired.. HUGS

Stephanie said...

Yay, good for you :) Your blog looks terrific!

Hugs to you!

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Meredith, My word you are a busy bee.
I have started exercising more and I walk 3 miles a day, when the weather permits, but I try to do it 4 times a week. I was very tired at first, but with my husband's encouragement, it has become easier and easier. I am 61 years, so I have to take care of myself, I want to be just like my mother Phyllis who at 83 years does not take any medication and walks everywhere. She never learnt to drive and she said that was a blessing as it made her use her bicycle which she rode until her late 70's.
I am going to take your advice and make a declaration every day.
Oh and before I go, well done on learning another language.....French is such a romantic language.
Thank you for such a wonderful post.
Best wishes

Rea T said...

this is really awesome meredith, i admire you for being brave to pursue your goals, especially doing insanity with two kids up and about ♥ lol! i try to do my zumba early in the morning when they're still sleeping...


Michell Pulliam said...

Haha...LOVE IT Meredith!!! :-) You.go.girl!! NO, I don't think you're crazy!! We must do as our Creator did. Everything He created, He spoke into existence! So, WE believe, therefore we SPEAK!!

As far as your French...keep at it girl! Cause' I'm still gonna need a translator when I go to Paris...tehehee! Have a wonderful weekend my friend and Happy Mother's Day!!

Ashley Ditto said...

You go girl! This is so inspiring and motivating! Have a blessed weekend!

Diane said...

I'm still working on getting my groove back! Thanks for sharing!

Diane said...

I'm still working on getting my groove back! Thanks for sharing!

Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady said...

J'mapelle Joi is about all I can hold on to from my H.S. French classes! I should join you so when I go visit, I won't be completely lost. You know I'm lovin you insanity attempts!

I read the bible cover to cover for the first time in 2007. That was the most joyous part of my life. I was focused on completling it and I just saw the world so differently understanding the complete story. I was born and raised in the church and know the common scriptures, but it's a world of difference to study the bible. My life is quite diff now all though I'm not committed to daily reading. I need to prioritize, even if it's just a few minutes.

Very inspirational post. So good to read about people accomplishing their goals. Have a blessed and wonderful Mother's Day.

must love junk said...

That's great! (I had to smile because I love Joyce Meyer!)
I've been working on some blog/home decor takes work and patience, but they're starting to come true :)

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

You GO GIRL!!! It sounds fantastic, not crazy. I'm too feeling like I want to do so much, and feeling like how can I possibly fit it all in. I also want to focus on French, but it will have to wait, since I have a new job, and all the stuff with the move. I applaud your efforts. BTW, my mom lives in OK, near Ada.

Nicole @ Mendez Manor said...

Great post! I wish I could speak french...maybe someday I will learn too.

V Foley said...

Hi Meredith, Wow, I am amazed by your list as I can relate to most of them! Yes, #5 is definitely something that I need to pursue on a daily basis. It is so so important to declare His love over my children and family. So thank you for the post. I am so proud of you.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

I took French for 2 years in college and I barely remember anything. I still have my books and every once in a while I'll dig them out and read a few pages. I wish I remembered more!

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Mary Reed said...

Wow, Meredith! Congrats on getting your groove back! I'm afraid my groove got bored with me- packed up and left town! I'm definitely in a rut and need to crawl up and out! These are all great things, but my favorite is that you're spending sweet time in God's word... very cool!
Thanks for coming by my place. I always appreciate your comments!
Blessings to you ~ Mary

Danielle said...

Great job, girl! Hope you're having a GREAT week!!

~ Danielle

chateau chic said...

I always enjoy your posts...your humor along with so many good challenges and reminders!!
Mary Alice

Anonymous said...

Grooove on! lol Beautiful declarations.

I hope you can stop by our FB page and like us, like what you see?
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Patty said...

It all sounds so positive, Meredith! Glad you got your groove back!

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh Insanity is... insane! Sounds like you are on a roll though will all of the positives in your life!

Anonymous said...

Hey Meredith! I think that if you're getting back into writing and you find some time during the week you should consider doing Writers Wednesday Blog hop. You can check out the details on my page. Meanwhile, I've nominated you for the Leibster award. If you've already been nominated that's okay you deserve two. I've mentioned you in my post.-Hope you can accept, if not no worries!