Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Photos & Why I'm Called "The Tourist"

Did you enjoy your Easter as much as we did? 
Our day was filled with family, food, and FAITH.
It was also filled with photos!!
{My brother calls me The Tourist, because I take SO many pictures. Well, when you have kids that won't sit still or look straight, you HAVE to take 1,000 pictures just to end up with one like this...}
These boys have such a grip on my heart, and this is probably my favorite picture of them...ever.
I love taking Grayson and Sutton to church, to learn about our risen Savior. 
Every single day, I declare in faith that they will love and know Christ all the days of their lives.
As I worshipped the Lord today, I felt overwhelmed at His sacrifice for sinners like me. 
And because He died for me, I will live for Him. 
I may fall short EVERY DAY, but Christ loves me still. 
{Yes, I wore dark denim jeans on Easter. I just couldn't find a skirt I loved. And Jesus doesn't care anyway!}

At my parent's house, we ate some good home cookin' on my mom's beautiful china. What a treat!
{Mom's an amazing, Godly woman, whom I hold in such high regard. And, boy, can she cook!} 
After lunch, the kids played outside and opened their Easter baskets. 
{Sutton was rockin' her heels! Ha ha!}
We also visited my Father-In-Law, but we were all in our comfy clothes running around his I didn't get any pictures. But he had Easter baskets for the kids, and it was a special evening, too. :)

Friends, it's April!! 

May your week be filled with favor, laughter and love.

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Irfan Butt said...

Such a lovely post..
thanks for sharing..

Karen A said...

Beautiful pictures! You all look great. I'm glad you had a wonderful day with your family. :)


Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Meredith, I have just returned from my holiday in India and wanted to pop by to catch up with you. It is a wonderful idea to take lots of photos of your family as children grow so quickly. When they are older, your children will love looking at the photos you have taken of family occasions. Happy Easter to you and your family. Best Wishes Daphne

Stephanie said...

What a lovely family! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Have a great week!


NanaDiana said...

Well, What a wonderful day you had and your family is just beautiful...from oldest to youngest....and you're pretty cute yourself!'>) Have a wonderful week- xo Diana

Design_Fluff said...

No, Jesus doesn't care about your jeans, and they do look lovely! Everyone was beautiful. I'm glad you got to enjoy a day with family.

Paul K Broughton said...

Very sweet pictures. Thank you for sharing them, Meredith. Have a blessed Easter Monday!


Jayma said...

You're awesome...praise be to God for people like you in this world. Wish there were more like you! Beautiful pics btw....


Danielle Wood said...

Love it!! And too funny about being a tourist - I feel the same way sometimes! =)

Have a fabulous week!

Debbie Jones said...

Hi, I am a new follower. You have a great blog and a lovely family. I noticed that you are from Oklahoma...I lived there when I was growing up, in a small town called Ponca City. You had a wonderful blessed Easter...thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful week.

Michell Pulliam said...

Ahhh...what a BEAUTIFUL family you have Meredith, your kids are so precious! What a legacy you're leaving them my friend...teaching them about our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ! Btw...I LOVE your outfit...very cute!!:D Have a blessed week my friend!

Hope said...

I love this Easter recap. I love taking pictures too. What blessing that we live because He lives! I love how your blouse matches you blog background. Your little girl is indeed rocking those heels. How cute! You have such a beautiful family. Have a blessed week.

Rea T said...

i think i am a "tourist" too meredith lol!

your kids look so adorable!(beautiful family)

btw, i luv that turquoise shoes!!(wonder where you got those)


Ashley Ditto said...

LOVE these pictures! Looks like you had an amazing holiday! :) Bless you, friend!

Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady said...

People concerned with your outfit...stop that silliness! You had said all that matters before you got to that point. God loves us & it is awesome to be able to worship him however we can. The pictures are darling. You all looked so nice. I had to go with scrubs on because I didn't get off work til 8am and the children's program started at 7:30 believe it or not. I didn't get to get all prettified this year:) Loved looking at your photos though!

Heather D. said...

Oh My gosh!!! THOSE HEELS... so cute!!! And i loved your jeans!! :)

Annmarie Pipa said...

well you all look so beautiful!! and looks like a beautiful day for all of you!

ChatterBlossom said...

Oh my goodness, they are so stinkin' cute!!!!! I would take a million pics too!

must love junk said...

What adorable pics! Such a sweet family :)

Nicole @ Mendez Manor said...

It sounds like you had a great Easter! The photos are so cute!

Suzan Sweatman said...

Beautiful photos Meredith!!!
What dolls your kids are - and I say Denim is fine for Easter - and even for's only mere mortals that judge - and their opinion doesn't matter in the least!
Jesus was " cool " and would have worn denim had it been around

Laurie @ Laurie's Little Bits of Creativity, etc. said...

You have a beautiful family. I take tons of pics of the grand-kids. They are not always perfect, but sometimes those are the best ones. I'm so jealous, you have grass! Believe it or not we still have snow!

PolkaDottyPlace said...

Your family looks great! I LOVE the dark denim with the floral top :) You are looking so skinny! Happy Easter!!

Sandy said...

Your sweet girls shoes are
what caught my eye.. such sweet
Happy April and Happy Spring

Danielle said...

Such a cute family! Loved your gorgeous top :)

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

hi Meridith your photos look beautiful.I understand what you mean about taking heaps of photos .Take heaps and then you are sure to get a special one. love dee xx

Denise said...

Wonderful Easter pics. Taking pics. is so much easier now with everything digital. When my kids were little, we had to have everything developed. Such a pain, and to this day, I have this huge accumulation of photos that I need to sort.

Patty said...

Love your Easter pictures. Brings back memories of when we took pictures like them. Love the sweet shoe picture especially.

Ugochi said...

It sure looks like a fun filled Easter!
Thank God for His work on the cross for us, we truly do owe our lives to him.

Ugochi said...

It sure looks like a fun filled Easter!
Thank God for His work on the cross for us, we truly do owe our lives to him.

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Anonymous said...

My husband called me the tourist also coz I take tons and tons of photos of our daughter. Lol

Julia Terpstra said...

What an amazing post. I loved every single word and thought! And what great pictures!!! xoxo jules

Ashley Ditto said...

This post is extremely helpful! Wow!