Monday, November 19, 2012

Why I Rock Pale Skin...And Ban the Tan

I wore this to church on Sunday, and my post was SUPPOSED to be about the wonderful, pocketed LBD from Target I found at at garage sale for .50 cents!!! 

But, when I was looking through the pictures...
my white, pale skin kept jumping out at me! 
Mainly because it's a stark contrast to the black I so often wear. 

Sometimes I wish I had olive-toned skin that some are blessed with. Or that I was naturally a few shades darker. (I probably WOULD be if my skin ever saw the sun!) ;)
But, I'm not willing to go down that road again, because I've had basal cell carcinoma skin cancer.

Thank God it wasn't melanoma!

{I've always been pale, but I'm assuming all the "laying out" during college did the "cancer" trick. I also worked at a tanning salon for 3 short months before I got married in 2005. Oh, to be 23 and 122lbs again for just one day!}
If you tan or lie out in the sun, that's great. I'm not against it for YOU, I'm against it for ME. I don't want to pay to tan, and can you imagine me dragging in 2 toddlers??
I didn't think so. 

So, I decided a few years ago that I'm just going to look REALLY white ALL the time. It doesn't matter how badly I blind others (ha ha) or how strange I look in the summer. 

It's MY skin, and I'm comfortable in it. 

Thought For the Day: Stop picking on yourself for the way you look. Do the best you can with what you've got, and own it. 


Anonymous said...

My Grandmother used to preach to me on a daily basis about how pale skin was so pretty. She had dark skin from working the fields and always told me to be happy with what God gave me (Irish ancestry). I have the brightest of pale white legs and I have finally come to terms with it. I kinda like it now! Another good thing is when I go shopping for foundation I can almost guarantee it will be the lightest shade available.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I think you are beautiful & very smart not to do the artificial tanning. My hubby & I lived in the Caribbean for three years. You have no idea how much sunblock I used during those three years (& I have sort of olive skin). Sunlight is beautiful but unfortunately dangerous.
Abi K

Rea T said...

that is very well said...the most important thing is that you love the way you look and that will radiates your beauty even more :)


Danielle Smiley said...

White is beautiful!! I don't know why/how that ever changed but doesn't anyone remember Snow White?? She was envied by the queen because her paleness was so beautiful! I actually got really tan this summer from working outside and it made me mad because I wanted to be white! Haha.

<3 Danielle