Friday, November 30, 2012


I was checking out at the grocery store today when I saw Maria Menounos on the cover of Men's Fitness and, at first glance, I thought she was naked! 

I wanted to take off my cardi and throw it over her. And wasn't she cold, hanging out like that in the super market??

In all seriousness, I have nothing against sweet Maria, and I know she is naturally tiny enough for me to fold up and put in my pocket. AND I'm not trying to bash the gal. I just can't get over what she's (not) wearing. 

Yes, I know selling magazines is a business. But there are tasteful bathing suits - ones that don't border on being pornographic. 


WhatJeanLikes said...

I couldn't agree more. They are pushing the limits more and more. I saw one where the frame of the photo was cut off so it appeared the model wasn't wearing a bikini bottom. In such poor taste!!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh if we all could live in a photo shopped world. We'd all be perfect.

Design_Fluff said...

Ha! I so agree with this.

It's nothing against the people themselves but this hits a nerve with me.

What angers me the most is that I have children that get exposed to the provocative photos and we are given no choice over it. You spend your life trying to protect them from things like that, only for it to get thrown in your face in the grocery during checkout.

I don't understand how it is that grocery stores know that grocery shopping tends to happen quite a lot with family in tow. I mean they admit it by catering to children by putting a full on candy bar up by check out, then they in the same breath put up magazines with women scantly clad with looks on their faces that scream give it to me.

How is that NOT inappropriate? I don't know many people that approve of it. So I wonder why more people haven't contacted their local grocer and asked that the magazines be left in a more appropriate area of the store.