Friday, November 16, 2012

Laundry Space Makeover

Welcome to my new and improved laundry space. 
All I needed to spend money on were the clothespins, soaps, a can of spray paint and the contact paper - about $28 total.  I had everything else.
My laundry area is in the garage. 
Thankfully it connects with our house, so a door is directly to the left.
 {There will be no BEFORE pictures. It wouldn't be right with Jesus to show you how much spicing up was required.}
I really wanted to incorporate a clothesline.  
I grew up with one, and I think they're kind of nostalgic and feminine.
(Grayson's kite string worked just fine.)
And BECAUSE clotheslines are outside, I wanted to bring the outside element in by using these sticks from my backyard.
I placed them in a vintage glass milk bottle I had. 
As for the laundry sign...I picked up a roadside rescue (a charming desk) and this sign was with it.
Why not take the sign, too?? Because...
...I knew immediately I was going to repurpose it for my laundry sign.

Joey spray painted it for me (I'm terrible at this task), and then I printed off the letters from my computer.

I simply cut them out and hot glued them on.
I also hot glued paper clips on the wood to hang the sign.
I had all the below items in my "decor closet." It was just a matter of selecting them all to go together.
Ivory soaps in the hurricane....
For the labels, I used scraps of decorative paper I had and wrote on them with chalk.

And there you have it, ladies!

I drew a sketch, found wood for a sign, and my vision came to life.
Thought For the Day: Sketching things out helps you stay focused on what you need to buy - or pick up from the side of the road - or refrain from tossing out - or.....

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Danielle said...

Love the indoor clothesline. I read your comment on Blissful and Domestic... {Potentially Silly} Question: is your clothesline for decoration or do you use it to dry your clothes? I've been thinking about using one but A) It rains a lot where I live, and B) The hub*ster would prefer not having a clothesline in our yard until we live in the country. =)


Danielle Wagasky said...

I love it. The milk vase with the sticks is too cute in there. Such a beautiful space to do laundry:>


Beautiful laundry room! LOVE it!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

I love this! we have our "laundry room" in the garage too. I definitely want to do something there soon. Great idea on the sign...I am a BIG fan of scrap wood!

Swede Dreams said...

It's important to have a laundry room that makes you smile, especially since we spend so much time in there! I have a decorated space as well...only wish it was bigger!

Reduce, Reuse, Renewed said...

Totally recognize the Bumis Whisper Diaper Pants. Used those for my kids, too. What a $$$$ saver. Your clothesline looks cute. The sticks idea is cute!

KatieBelle said...

Did I understand correctly that you cut out each letter for "Laundry" and hot glued them to the wood sign? It worked beautifully! I would NEVER have thought of that! :) Clever lady....

Stacey said...

Very cute makeover! I long for a laundry space like yours!
Thanks for linking up this week!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Amy said...

wow!!love this idea....

Denise Marie said...

Contact paper brilliance.