Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do You Have a Mission Statement? We do!

Yes. I'm {unapologetically} THAT wife and mom.

 The kind who insists on creating a mission statement for her family....and then frames, like, look at all the time. 
Because I want to live a life with purpose.
In all honesty, this mission statement - which Joey and I both thought about before I typed - helps keep me focused on what I really need to do.

{I would love to share our missions, but you never know where this personal information can get once it's out on the internet!} I'll give you a hint...

One of our "missions" is... to forgive quickly. 
This year, I added a mission statement for my marriage. I call it a "Marital Mission Statement."

Again, Joey and I discussed what we thought were the most important things to uphold in our marriage. 
Ours is on my nightstand, and the family's hangs in my office. 

Thought For the Day: If you don't have a family or a spouse, you can still have a personal mission statement! Write down what your mission in life is and place that statement in a place where you will see it. 


sandy said...

I love that you have a mission statement! It really helps you stay focused on the important things and keeps your values in front of you.
Good for you!
I have one but it's not framed. I'm a big goal setter and list maker also! :)Thanks for sharing this!

Design_Fluff said...

I really love your site. That is an amazing thing to do for and with your family. I've thought of doing similar things in my home.

I'm following now, and thank you for the encouraging and thoughtful comment you left on my blog!

chateau chic said...

This is such an excellent suggestion!! It can be so easy to lose focus when you're in the midst of life stuff. This is a great reminder to bring back into focus what's important.
Mary Alice

momto8blog said...

ours is to get each other to heaven. we say it to each other, but have not printed it...thanks for the idea!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

This is such a neat idea. Thank you for sharing it.