Friday, October 5, 2012

Utah Teacher Uses My Book...Then Sends Letters

Thanks to the blog-osphere, Whitney and I connected. She writes a fun-spirited blog and makes the coolest jewelry. You can follow her here.

She's a third grade teacher (God bless her), and upon "meeting", she inquired about using my book, Penny and the Polka Dot Shoes, in her classroom. I mailed her a signed copy, along with a fundraising worksheet to accompany the story. I never expected her to send this in return:
She had her kiddos write me letters, and then she combined them into a book! It warmed my heart to the core! What a meaningful gesture.

I thought it was clever to include a page like the one below. I appreciated this kind of feedback.
In my book, Penny works hard to save for the polka dot shoes that are about to be yanked from the shelves of the shoe store. Using the theme of saving and earning (and relating it to math), Whitney had her students share about their goals. All of the letters were precious, and I stood in my kitchen giggling - tickled at what the children had to say. 

I thought I'd share a few of these letters with you. Enjoy...

Matthew is saving up for a Lego set. He SHOULD be saving up for an art kit, because he has some sweet drawing skills.
Emma is saving up for an iPod Touch. AND she loves my name. Well, that's nice to hear. :)
Joshua should run for President, because this kid has it all figured out. Seriously. Squint your eyes and read the last two sentences. 
Cole is my man! He took the time to draw me a single Lego - you know, just in case I didn't know what he was referring to. Now THAT is going the extra mile. 
Madison wants to visit me in Oklahoma. (Come on down, Maddie! Can I call you Maddie? Because I feel like we're cool like that.) She's saving for an iPad, but she knows it might take a long time. 
Oh Theo. I really want to read your book called Tornadoes. Living in Oklahoma, I bet I can offer you some insightful research on that topic. 
Isaac was paying attention to the story. I like the way he summarized what happened. :)
Finally, Elizabeth would also like an iPod Touch. Among other things, I'm loving her illustration of the iPod calling for her. 
Aren't these letters adorable?? The rest are just as cute. Thank you again, Whitney, for the thoughtfulness you demonstrated by sending such a touching gift. I'll cherish my book always. I'm pleased that you found Penny to be a useful teaching tool in the classroom.

Thought For the Day: Kids are the coolest people on earth. Take time to really listen to them, as they want to be heard...and they deserve to be heard. 


Penny Phillips said...

Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog! I enjoyed reading all the letters. And, I am delighted that they like my name! I am now following you. Hugs, Penny

R said...

Oh my goodness...those letters are too cute!!!! How fun to get those after sharing your book!! Hope you are having a fabulous week!!!