Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Year Ago...

Exactly one year ago, we visited the Harn Homestead here in Oklahoma City. 

Here we are...Sutton's just 2 months old!
My mom's on Fall Break, so she wanted to go back there today. 

For comparison's sake, (and because the setting is so beautiful) I REALLY wanted to get another good picture like last year. 


This is the best one we got.
Yep. That's a jump rope around Grayson. He found it and lassoed his sister.

Oh wait. There's more.

Here we are at a different barn. 
Sissy's clutching a marker, and Grayson's doing the "Carlton dance".
Aaaaand scene.

Better luck next year??

Thought For the Day: Often, our most memorable photos are the ones that aren't staged. Embrace them!

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