Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love Letters To My Children

I finally got around to framing "love" letters to my children. Since I'm a bit obsessed with writing things down (I call it the Just In Case syndrome), I thought it was important for my kids to have such a keepsake. 
I already had both of the frames, so all I had to buy were two sheets of paper. One for Sutton...
and one for Grayson.
In case I forget to tell them the most important things, my written words will always be there to remind them. 
I've also done something like this for my parents and given it to them on Christmas. They were very touched.

Thought For the Day: Our written words are timeless. Frame them, give them away, and keep the letters that loved ones have given you.

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R said...

This is amazing...I wish my Mom had done something like that! Got your card the other day and I am keeping that envelope!!! Great quotes!!! I'm mailing your wreath tomorrow!!!! :)

Helen Graham said...

such a great idea!! I started a diary to my son when I was pregnant and continue writing in it to this day! (he's nearly 7). I want to give it to him on his 21st birthday so that he knows what every moment was like with him. Thanks for sharing! Found you from Blissful Bucket List