Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

I hope you had a Happy Halloween this year! I know we did!

Sutton HAD to chew on my toothbrush the whole time, so we wanted to keep her happy during all the picture-taking.
I love this picture of Joey with the kids - they all look so happy. :)

Grayson and Sutton had some laughs, too. 
He was a Transformer, and she was a honey bear. 
Did I mention Sutton is officially WALKING now??? 

It is the cutest thing to watch her stagger and wobble around, trying to maintain her balance. I love it!!!
We only got one trick-or-treater this year. Times have really changed. Gone are the days where kids pack the neighborhoods. They seem to be going to malls and church festivals instead. 

Thought For the Day: Happy Halloween, friends!

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Dixie n Dottie said...

These are such cute pictures. What a lovely family! :)