Monday, September 24, 2012

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet!

You know you have a compulsive need to organize when you MUST "fix up" your medicine cabinet. I mean, who does that? asks my poor, tolerant and good sport of a husband. 
I bought these tubs (which are turned upright) from Dollar General for very cheap. Then I divided up the medicine into these categories: 
-Cold & Allergy
-Pain Relief & Stomach Stuff 
-Children's Pain/Cold Aid, Epipen, Thermometer
-Emergency Aid
-Nebulizers/Breathing Treatments
-Penny Lane & Lucille Eleanor (Dogs)
Don't forget to label the date you are checking the expiration periods. 
It's so nice to know where everything is located!! It's really working for my family. 

I'm joining Delightful Order's Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party this week.

Thought For the Day: You don't have to make things fancy to make them effective. 

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