Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

What did the hotel look like? What outfits did we wear? What did the bride's dress look like? Let's chat!
I just returned from Austin, Texas, where I was in my best friend's wedding. Amy was my roommate and sorority sister in Chi Omega at The University of Tulsa. I was honored to read a verse in her wedding ceremony, and I couldn't be happier for her! 
This weekend was my first time away from the kids...ever. They stayed at home with Daddy, so they were in very good hands. It took me 6 hours to drive from Oklahoma City to Austin. Thank you, OnStar. I'm your new, biggest fan!
The wedding venue was at the hotel where we all stayed, The Mansion on Judge's Hill. (Top notch, y'all.) Here are some photos of my hotel room.
I thought about taking some really good pictures of everything, but I was too tired from the drive. So what you see is what you get. :/
Above: The most comfortable robes in the world. Below: Where I hung all my clothes. 
The bathroom:
I used Grayson's alphabet case to travel with my jewelry. Fancy, huh?
Rehearsal dinner time!!
The following morning, we met for breakfast on the veranda just outside of Amy's suite. (I'm third from the right.)
It was raining most of the day...But it was beautiful and calming. 
Wedding time! Here I am with Mary. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding. :)
The ceremony was originally set to take place at the courtyard just below the balcony, but it was moved indoors due to the rain. 
The atmosphere was calm, positive and romantic. Just breathtaking. 
Floating flowers and candles were the centerpieces at our dinner table. Pictures don't do it justice. Each table boasted a different arrangement. 
You know that best friend we all have dating back to childhood? Kelsey is Amy's. Here we are waiting for the bride and groom to cut that yummy cake already! :)
Oh Lauren...My pledge sister INSISTED we do the Chi O sign (X and a horseshoe). I haven't done this in a LONG time, so I indulged her. I realize we look like those annoying, daft sorority girls. But, we are far from it. Lauren lives in San Fran, and I wish I had the pleasure of seeing her more often!!
The wedding reunited all of my friends from college. I haven't seen some of these girls in 5 years, but I love them. They are all intelligent professionals who know how to let loose and have a rad time. I was so thankful to have some mommy time with them for 3 days. 
Amy's jaw-dropping dress was custom made. She said the designer took more than 100 measurements of her body. (Please, no one come near my flesh with a tape measure!!) 
Here's one last picture of the happy couple. I love them dearly, and I'm excited to watch your their love grow throughout the years. 
I'm home now, and I was so thrilled to see the kids, Joey and the dogs!!! While it was a wonderful experience in Austin, I smiled (and possibly cheered) when I crossed the Oklahoma line. To this girl, there is just nothing like the skies of Oklahoma - where my heart will always reside. 

Thought For the Day: Marriage is something to guard with all your might. 

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brooke knight said...

I really don't keep in touch with any of these girls and it's a shame, because they are wonderful. MANY congrats to Amy- she is so fantastic, and looked gorgeous. Looked like a wonderful time and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your short bit of mommy-freedom!