Saturday, September 8, 2012

My $245 Shabby Chic Guest Room

Welcome to the Heirloom Room...a guest room designed ENTIRELY (mattresses and all) for under $250!! I chose to decorate in shabby chic because nothing in my house is like this - it was nice to try something new. 

Plus, the old country feel truly makes this garage conversion (by the previous homeowners) feel like a bed and breakfast getaway.
This (4th) room was once our office, then a gym, but I recently decided to make it a guest room. Not because I particularly want guests. Rather, nights around our house are so bad, we need a second bed to pair up as parent/child. The couch was getting old!!
From conception to execution, it took me about a month to complete. I love looking at it from the kitchen.
I found this antique Mission era bed on Craigslist for $50. It's from 1920ish. (Can you tell?) I love it. 
I found these plates at a thrift store and a garage sale. I simply hot glued paperclips to the backs to hang them because I didn't want to budget in plate hangers. Crazy or genius?? Either way, I am now obsessed with plates.
I knew I wanted something different for the side tables. I swear the Lord directed me to the perfect garage sale, where I found a pair of unused speaker boxes for $1 each and I knew they'd be perfect in terms of architecture as well as color. I got the heavy glass pitcher there too - for $1. 
Here's my favorite thing in the whole room. I HAD to add something with red and white polka dots, right?

Adding something whimsical is always a cock-a-doodle-"DO!" (Get it? No?)
Other side table...
Did I mention this room has no windows?? I wanted to make the space feel bigger by creating the illusion of two different windows
I can see myself rotating this wooden sign out with other quaint sayings in the future. Next time, perhaps I'll select a brighter color. 
I think this lace provides such a romantic touch to the room. I Joey just drilled a rod in the wall, and up went two panels of curtains. 
I found this weathered window on Craigslist for $15. I couldn't believe my good fortune!
On the bed tray sits a coffee mug with a biblical scripture. You can't read it from here but, trust me, it's a good one. :)
*Carpet disclaimer* The previous homeowners added on this room for their teenage son, who just happened to be going through a very gothic phase and requested black carpet. Nice, huh? Despite the beautiful rug, there's no way to dress up BLACK CARPET. One day, when we're not spending our money on diapers, we'll re-carpet.'s the breakdown of costs:
$245.43 for an entire room from scratch (as we say here in Oklahoma)! And I promise it looks even better in person. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, friends.

Thought For the Day: What can you use in your house to recreate a space??

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Lindsay Erin said...

I love it Mere!! Great job!

Lindsay Erin said...

I love it Mere!! Great job! said...

Hi Meredith! Thanks for inviting me over. What s great job making that space feel homey and inviting. The bed frame is fantastic.

Monica said...

I love it Meredith! You are so creative and clever in "decorating on a dime!" You found some great bargains!

R said...

That room is AMAZING!!! Love it!!!

Laurel Stephens said...

I never would have guessed you put this cozy room together so inexpensively. Wow! So many great ideas!

Isobel Morrell said...

Great job - loved the story too!

Just visiting as a fellow guest on Danielle's Sunday Blog Hop.

Will be following you, but meanwhile am inviting you to visit me at Maybe we could all get to know each other, especially if you Follow and comment. We'd all be delighted to see you there!

sandy said...

Beautiful transformation! It looks very sweet and cozy!

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Lovely makeover. Love how you arranged the plates over bed.

Karen at said...

Awesome! Beautiful makeover on a budget! I just cringe when I see people spending thousands on decorating, it is so unnecessary, as you have just proven with all of this cuteness for $245 :)

Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

What a lovely guest room, Meredith. I imagine your guests love to visit you and stay there. I am a new follower!


Amazing room! I'm your newest follower..would love to have you follow back.


The French Hen's Nest said...

Love your decorating ideas. Found you at Coastal Charm. Plate hangers cost $3.00 each! Hot glue and a paper clip! Not afraid they will fall? I'm going to try it.

We have joined your beautiful site and hope you will join ours.

Linda and Jeannie at The French Hen's Nest

Brenda said...

I love decorating on the cheap. I am slowly furnishing my house with thrift store and refurbished furniture. My friends are always amazed at my finds or refinishes.

Denise Marie said...

You are amazing. That is some well spent money and will keep y'all sane thru these yrs!!

Anonymous said...

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