Friday, August 10, 2012

My Table Arrangements - Kelly's Korner Series

I'm so excited to link up to to Kelly's Show Us Your Table Arrangements post, because I recently did something new on my kitchen table. I found this bronze plate holder at the Goodwill for $3.99. It was missing the plates, but I KNEW I could do something with it (whether that be using it as aa jewelry holder, etc.). 
I was thrilled when (the very next day) I found three matching toile plates at another thrift store. (Have I mentioned that I love all things toile?) They were $2.00 each, with not a chip in sight! 
Then I added this standing plaque on the top plate. I enjoy having the reminder to not worry about tomorrow. I purchased this at Hobby Lobby's 50% off sale a few weeks earlier. I'd been saving it for just the right place. :)
My coffee table consists of this ornate copper/mirror tray and wicker balls. I usually keep heavy, decorative balls out, but the kids throw them around all the time. We've gone through so many...I am learning my lesson. (P.S. I totally tripped on the Hot Wheels below the table.)
Books! (Albeit, they are probably sticky from various juice spills.)
Here's the side table next to a couch at the kitchen's entry:
Every now and then, I'll switch out a few items here. I really need to update the photo in that frame. Sutton was just 2 months old - geez! I took this picture at night, so without the natural light coming in, the lamp appears a bit fluorescent. 

Well, there you have it. A few of my table arrangements. I encourage you to click on the Join This Site icon and follow my blog, as I'm always sharing my "finds" with my readers. Thanks for stopping by!

Thought For the Day: Home is where the heart is, not where the checkbook is. Don't fret if it takes you months, even years, to decorate just how you'd like. I think I'll always be at it!


Delilah Love said...

Those toile plates are beautiful! What a great find! And the side table is gorgeous. It reminds me of an old style trunk. I love those. Thanks for visiting my blog, it was nice to "meet" you :)

Semi-Domesticated Mama

Allison White said...

AMAZING!! Right out of a magazine! You look beautiful in your new picture by the way.