Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Time sure flies when you're changing diapers, and Sutton is now ONE. 
Before her party, I had a little backyard photo session with her. I felt all Anne Geddes-like as I carried my props. 
My mom bought this antique rocking horse and my sister suggested I use it for a picture. Great idea, Al!
I thought up this little rhyme and wrote it on the dry erase board I use to set my goals. 
Since I firmly believe all little girls become princesses at age one, I crowned Sutton...and she was so happy!
The cake was a hit. Bubba was all smiles. This is his picture smiley face. He hasn't really "figured it out" yet. 
Sissy was quite satisfied as well. I love this child. She looks exactly like I did when I was her age. No wonder she's such a mess! :)
Here she is on one of her toys. Love at first sight. 
Our immediate families celebrated with us, and we had salad, pizzas and cake/ice cream. That's how we "do" birthdays. What matters most is the life we are celebrating. 

I'm also proud of me and Joey for surviving this year of her life. When she was born, Joey was looking for job AND we'd lost our insurance. Sutton was born during such uncertain times. When she was just 10 days old, he started a new career which required him to be gone long hours, 6 days a week, and I was raising this newborn by myself I felt like. I remember thinking, "Lord, help me make it through her first six months." 

And He did...And it took about that long for things to really start looking up. If you'd told me a year ago that, today, we'd be thriving, I may not have believed it. But, God is good ALL the time. And, ALL the time, God is good. I'm so thankful He blessed us with Sutton, and that He helped us over the hurdles of her first year. 

Thought For the Day: Obstacles are there to move us forward. The trick is refusing to stay down when it gets difficult. 

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Monica said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Princess Sutton!! It looks like she had a fabulous birthday!! Thanks for posting pics to document this special occasion!! They are alway fun to view!! :)