Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This Fourth, We're A Family of Four

Here I am one year ago, 33 weeks pregnant with Sutton. 
This year, we're a family of four. God Bless America! Here we are arriving at my sister's house.
Don't kid yourself...I'm back on Weight Watchers, so I had to avoid food like this:
 THIS was my plate (below). Note the measured chips and Boca patties on half a bun each. I SPLURGED on my mom's famous potato salad:
Earlier in the day, I took these photos of the kids in my front lawn. I love the way they turned out. 
See Sutton's toes? She was so good about letting me paint them. 
As neighbors walked by the "photo shoot," I felt a little childish making all the crazy sounds in my repertoire in order to manipulate their stares in my direction. 
This year, I'm so grateful to have Sutton to celebrate with. 
Here's to many more Fourth's together!

Thought For the Day: Where were you a year ago today? How different was your life compared to now? Let's hope that each year keeps getting better and better. 

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