Friday, June 8, 2012

Today (And P.S. Blogger is messing up the word arrangement)

Today was a makeup AND hair day - woohoo! Go me! Then my mom and I took my car to the "car doctor" to get a new alternator. We killed some time with my sister at McDonald's. Sutton was a little sleepy (maybe because she rolled around in my bed all night). Next, we went to Crest to pick up some tuna, chicken, bread, orange juice and bananas. These two are quite the showstoppers. Look at the little one beating on her older brother - ha ha! She's feisty but in a truly sweet way.
It looks like Sutton is thinking, "Someday I'm gonna break outta here and make a run for those pizza rolls."Once home, it was time to change diapers! Naturally, Lucy was thrilled.My parents brought me my car so I didn't have to get the kids out, but I ended up going for a pizza and completely ruining my week on Weight Watchers (more on that later). That was a little bit of my life today. What did you do? Thought For the Day: Life IS the little trips to the grocery store, etc. The most mundane tasks can often bear the most fruitful pictures.

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