Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Glimpse At OKC Hours Before the Finals

For Oklahoma City, an unprecedented day has arrived. The NBA Finals are here, and "proud" is an inadequate word to describe how we Oklahomans are feeling. Naturally, I had to go downtown to observe the electric atmosphere. Parking lots were already full at 1:30 p.m. News media were swarming like gnats around "The Peake." People were everywhere, showcasing their Thunder colors.
 Well, hello, ESPN! Welcome to Oklahoma - a state filled with innovators, entrepreneurs, cutting-edge businesses, beautiful landscapes, and devoted citizens who are the friendliest bunch of all. 
Decorations were all over the place. I'm in the "D" at the fence of a pick-up basketball court. 

It doesn't matter if we win or lose the finals...to us, we're already winners. 
These pictures aren't the best, but I was in a hurry to get home (screaming kids) and aimed at what I could. This MidFirst Bank building has a HUGE mural on it. I was on the highway (not the one driving, of course). 
Everywhere you look, you'll see Thunder flags wagging from the tops of car windows - an emblem of pride and excitement. We don't just want to win, we want to shove the win in Lebron's face and knock off his trendy glasses  beat the Heat. 
The guy to my left INSISTED we get cable turned back on in order to view the games. What can I say? It wasn't an argument I was going to win. In any event, everyone around the world will be watching, and so will we. 

Thought For the Day: When one's home team rises to the occasion and represents their city and state, there's no greater pride. 

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