Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lions, Tigers and Bears - Oh My!

It's been 8 years since Joey and I last visited the Oklahoma City Zoo, so today we took the kids.
After all the uphill stroller-pushing in the heat and humidity, it may be another 8 years before we go back - ha ha!
We did enjoy ourselves, though. Just look at Grayson - I love this boy!
(Gulp) Is that a tiger just inches from my babies? I found myself wondering just HOW thick that glass really is.
I love this picture of me and Joey because we both just happened to be wearing pink, and it was the prettiest little tree. You wouldn't even imagine the smell of manure blanketed the air, huh?
Thought For the Day: Sometimes the best of memories happen in our most exhausting moments.

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.extremeanimals said...

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