Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm Not Italian, But...

Tonight I pretended to BE Italian when I hosted a spaghetti dinner and hung up this pretty little sign (all you have to do to turn Italian is add an I at the end of your name...apparently). See, when I host, I must have props.
This dinner was also a cozy celebration/shower for my sister's new baby coming early June!
I was too busy making sure all was going smoothly to stop and get some really good pictures. :( Instead, I somehow ended up with these duds. Not the amazing meal in which it started out. (When you're cooking by yourself and trying to keep a baby and toddler preoccupied, the dinner falls under the AMZING category.)
I present to you...dessert. (Confetti cake and ice cream. Ta freaking da!)
Poor Joey missed the festivities, as he works late hours on Saturdays. I took a picture of his hot plate in hopes of somehow documenting my hard work!
Thought For the Day: Cooking for people goes a long way. That is, if the food doesn't taste like a shoebox terrible.

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Allison White said...

Mere, Thanks so much for hosting! You are an amazing cook. Thanks so much for making baby Hannah and me feel special! love you