Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 9 Months, Sutton!

Just look at this picture! It looks like she has a secret, or knows something I don't. I love her dimpled hands, too. She's still not crawling yet. She just rolls everywhere she wants to go. Ha ha! She's a wonderful eater, but not such a good sleeper.
As of this week, we start her out in the crib every night. Then, she ends up in our room at about midnight when she wakes up for the first time. THEN, she cries and screams for about 2 hours straight (Joey goes to sleep on the couch). She wakes up at least two more times and plays or cries until we get up for the day. Sleep. Torture. I just have to rely on Joey's days off to take naps. This too shall pass?
I am so thankful for my little treasure. Sutton, you are such a blessing to our family! I love watching you grow.
Thought For the Day: Growing pains are tough, but they are also there to push us forward.

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