Monday, May 21, 2012

7 Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. This umbrella. When I found this, I had to have it. (Have I mentioned that I love vintage-y things?) It's been raining a lot here, and I love the contrast of the bright colors on a dark day.
They don't make umbrellas like they used to. (What am I? 65? Listen to me.) I love the hook handle and pointed top.
2. This huge zebra print bag from Target. Of course, I love it a little more because when I bought it at a garage sale, I paid $3 for it new, with tags, as opposed to the $18 it was in the store. I don't care if this print ever goes out of style. If the bag can carry all my kiddos' diapers, wipes, juice boxes, etc., it's a keeper!
3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but lately...I HAVE to eat these on a daily basis. I have no idea why. I'm confident that I"ll get burned out and move on to something else. Which brings me to number 4.
4. onCue's drive-thru. A gas station that has a drive-thru?? YES PLEASE. So, you're telling me I DON'T have to take my baby and toddler in every time I want a drink or several snacks a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup? Mind-blowing.
5. That Grayson figured out how to wear flip-flops. This is monumental because it eliminates all the shoelace-tying for me. Ha ha!
6. This hot pink China Glaze fingernail polish. The color is "108 Degrees." To me, a spicy pink is an essential color to wear on my nails in the summer.
7. My Precious Moments greeting cards. When I was a little girl (early '80s), I loved Precious Moments. Did you? When I saw this blank greeting card at a garage sale, it brought back a wave of memories. For just a quarter each, I snatched two up. I enjoy sending "snail mail", and can't wait to send one to a dear friend. Perhaps one who will appreciate these as much as I do.
Thought For the Day: It's funny how the little things can brighten our day the most. :)

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