Monday, April 23, 2012

Sutton's 8 Months

Sutton, you are 8 months old! You look like a doll in these pictures. You love to be held and cuddled, and you enjoy touching faces and hands. What a sweet girl you are. If I walk by you and don't pick you up, it hurts your feelings and you start to cry.You are still an awful sleeper at night and don't really nap so much in the day. Sometimes I wonder how it's possible for you to be awake so much! Do you have FOMO? (Fear of missing out.)
Grayson is super jealous of everything you do. If YOU sit in the highchair, BUBBA has to sit in the highchair. If you're touching a toy, BUBBA suddenly needs that particular toy. If I'm taking a picture of you, he must be included...see above. :) If you're squawking, he squawks louder. Oh, the headaches I'm enduring. But, I love my job, and I'm so thankful you are healthy and thriving!

Thought For the Day: Every day we live is a day worth celebrating!


Monica said...
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Monica said... brain is tired, Sutton is adorable in the pics and I love that *Grayson* wants to be part of the action, too!