Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Photos

There's something so lovely about seeing little children dressed up, going to church in their Easter outfits. (I took this picture of Sutton two Sundays ago. She wore something else on Easter.)She is so precious. I'm glad I snapped this when I did, because she later broke my camera. :( The new one is ridiculously junkyard, so we didn't end up with a lot of good Easter photos. I was disappointed. (The clarity was very hit and miss.)I just love this picture of Joey and our two little bunnies! Grayson was a good sport and actually wore this into church, much to his boyish embarrassment. It was a total Ralphie moment from A Christmas Story (when Ralph has to try on the pink bunny suit on Christmas).My lifelong bestie, Janaea, was in town, and we go to the same church. I just had to get a picture with her, as it's not often that I get an opportunity. The day was full of celebrating Jesus, spending time with both of our families, egg hunting and Easter basket treasures, and too much yummy food. What a blessing!!

Thought For the Day: Before you take your salvation for granted, remember what Jesus, an innocent man, endured for us...Nails in His hands and feet, glass-covered whips tearing His flesh, a crown of wretched thorns piercing His temples. Yet our King conquered death, and He lives!

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