Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 Money Saving Tips!

Have you already gotten creative with your budget, yet you're STILL looking for more ways to spend less/save more? This one's for you. (Click HERE to see my last post about improving your budget.)1) Print your pictures for FREE. Right now you can get 50 FREE prints at On a separate occasion, I went to and created a new account (once for me and once for Joey). Each time, they gave me 20 FREE 4x6 prints for signing up. I did have to pay shipping, which was only a few bucks.

Be sure to use the photos to give away as gifts - FREE again!!

2) Save Your Change For An Event. I love this one, because it's visually fun. Awhile back, Joey and I threw all of our change in a jar for a couple of months. The goal? Use our money to pay for an anniversary date. We ended up with $84 to celebrate with, and the best part was that we didn't spend a dime of our current money. You can do this with your whole family. Put the jar in a well-visited room of the house. Label it "Family Vacation" or "Christmas Gifts", whatever you want your goal to be.

3) Host a Garage Sale. I know it takes a lot of prep work and energy...and time you don't have, right? But you can make good money. How badly do you want it? (Coming soon: Garage Sale Hosting Tips.)

4) Swap Jewelry/Clothes/ANYTHING With Friends.Set up a little exchange system where you can meet and trade old items you don't use anymore. Remember, it's FREE and it's fun. 5) Have a FREE family movie night. Don't pay even $1 to rent. The library is loaded with great movies, current and old. Joey and I often check some out. The kids' section has about 25 different movies to choose from, too. There are really good ones - Disney movies and the newly released. Let me know if you have more tips, or if you found this post to be helpful in any way. I love feedback almost as much as I love sleep.

Thought For the Day: If you had won the lottery last Friday, wouldn't you still want to demonstrate responsible money habits? There's no shame in pinching pennies no matter what income bracket you're in.

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