Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 Shoes & 2 Scarves

I love cute, sassy shoes, but I don't love paying a lot of money for them (or for anything, really). Don't be jealous of my "treasure hunting" skills, mmmmkay? ;)

Below you'll find 7 brand new shoes that I purchased at the Goodwill.

These Nine West, canary yellow shoes are the perfect height. These black and white Tommy Hilfiger sandals are perfect for me since I wear a lot of black and white. Could I love these BCBG sandals anymore? I love the height they lend me in jeans, too.I call these my Secretary Shoes, because I feel a bit like a secretary when I wear them...A "splashy" secretary, that is! (See the brand.)Nine West again. Can't have too many black heels. Even my husband knows this.I don't wear much brown, but I had to buy these Ann Taylor LOFT's anyway.Lastly, I pulled these Sketchers right off my feet for a picture. Even these were new when I bought them. I was pleased when I saw they were my size. I also picked up these soft, bright scarves to accent an outfit year round. The pink one will add a punch of color to any outfit, and the dainty, airy, white one will be a nice feminine touch as well.Shopping "this way" doesn't mean you have to look drab. (Now there's a word I never use.) Today, on the elevator, a lady complimented my outfit. When I told her where I got it, she said, "I need to start shopping at the Goodwill!" (I promise I'm not getting paid to endorse them. Ha ha!)

P.S. You know a shoe is brand new when there is absolutely no worn tread on the bottom and the soles are very clean. (And because you're not an idiot.)

Thought For the Day: Shopping "resale" is not only thrift store chic, it's green. Look into gals!

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