Monday, March 5, 2012

6 Months Later...Her Sleep/My Weight/Etc.

Sutton turned 6 months old on Feb. 23rd. So let's recap on how life is going after 6 months, shall we??Sleep: The older S gets, the worse she sleeps. I should preface this subject with the fact that I'm one of those people who NEEDS lots of sleep...who LOVES getting sleep. I wish I could be one of those women who could function on minimal sleep - I just can't. Naturally, this whole waking up every 3 hours at night is really affecting me. I'm a lot more emotional and don't think straight all the time (I recently put G's grapes in the microwave). I know this is part of being a parent, but we never had to deal with this with Grayson. Sutton has never even made it to her room yet. She still sleeps in ours because we can't risk her waking up G all throughout the night (can you say "nightmare"?). I feel like it's never going to get any better, and that S will always be in our room. I walk through the room like ninja because she is such a light sleeper. (Sigh.)My Weight: How would I know? I stopped weighing myself about 3 months ago. I just don't care anymore. I mean, I care about how I look, but I don't want my happiness to hinge on a number. Of course I'm insecure about some things, but I'm working on it. Routine: Sutton's not a big napper. Some days, she'll have only slept for 30 minutes by 5 pm. And since G doesn't nap either, we're hanging out a lot! Joey works about 10-12 hours a day, so I am with the kids from morning until I put them to bed. Our days are loooong, but I just keep in mind that there is nothing more important that I could be doing than spending time with them. Plus, as hard as some days may be, I would not trade this job for anything else in the world. Sutton loves her jumperoo. I love watching her bounce and laugh. She is so funny. She doesn't like baby food, but is very interested in everything I eat! I hope I'm not a bad example with all the junk food I eat. :(

Thought For the Day: The stresses of being a parent often make us overlook the beauty of children being small. I think grandparents really "get it."

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