Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Website's Down...But My Royalty Check Is Up!

A lot has been going on for me and my family, so things like my book have almost intentionally taken a back seat...and probably will for an uncertain amount of time. Due to the fact that I'm large (way pregnant) and in charge (of nothing, really), I have not planned any events or even had the energy to promote Penny and the Polka Dot Shoes. Shamefully, I didn't even tend to my website, which has been voided!!! I loathe procrastination, and this behavior is not typical of me. However, it's just a sign of how I've purposely lined up my priorities in the last few months. However, my royalty check from my publisher was up this quarter. It was a whopping $21.69 - ha! That means people ARE buying my book despite my lack of promotion. Quite a few people purchased my book, but after everyone got a piece of the pie, I was left with just under $22. Now, this number may seem reeeaalllllly low to you readers, but let it be known that authors do NOT live on their royalties!! Unless maybe you're, like, J.K Rowling or something. :) A lot of times, some authors receive checks as low as a few bucks.

Also, royalty checks are through the publisher and do not include an author's profits from selling books directly through themselves.

Feel informed?? Oh, and I'll be working on a new website...just you wait. :)

Thought For the Day: Royalties aren't so royal. But, honesty is. That's why I wanted to share all this with you guys! XOXO

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