Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's The Best Street Party I've Been To?

My nephew's Sesame Street party! Ethan turned 3 today, and Allison hosted the most creative birthday bash of all time! See for yourself. She made this (below) out of cardboard. Here's Joey eyeing that chocolate chip cookie to his right. I married the REAL cookie monster. Al also made these cupcakes. Martha who? How about Allison White! Joey and I wore our party hats and snapped this picture. We were having fun! Grayson was a bit tired and cranky. I know he had fun though, and he really liked his party favors that Al and Jeff so generously gave him. Look at all the Sesame Street themed toys that were out. My sister used to be a first grade teacher, so she's really good with themes, etc. The presents were just as cute. I couldn't wait for Ethan to open them. Jeff grilled some amazing chicken, burgers and hotdogs. It was all so yummy and we had a lot of fun. Happy birthday, Ethan. We love you very much!!

Thought For the Day: A little goes a long way with a child - a lesson we adults could use. ;)

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Allison White said...

Mere-I've been meaning to tell you that you look so pretty in the picture of you and Joey!! I think that every time I see it and I keep forgetting to tell you.