Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sharing (And Spilling) Ice Cream In The Back Seat

I'm becoming more and more aware that my time with JUST Grayson is slipping away. (Cue tear rolling down my cheek.) So, today when we found a way to [briefly] cool off, I tried to be mindful of the moment. This is my failed attempt at "capturing" the moment.

My smile quickly faded when I realized I was sitting on a juice box. (Must've been too hot to notice at first??) "Well, that's life," I thought, knowing I would have to walk around with a wet backside. Then, Grayson decided to fling his runny cone all over my backseat resulting in the following picture:I'm kind of nerdy about having a clean car, which makes no sense when you have a toddler. So, I laughed it off and thought we should wrap up before things really got out of hand.

We eventually made it in this antique/home decor market that I love and should NOT be allowed to enter. I almost blacked out because of all the items I wanted to buy. Not spending a dime, I exited gracefully. And by gracefully, I mean squatting down like a sumo wrestler in a skirt to pick up all the crackers Grayson spilled on the floor near the door. Not cool, buddy.

Thought For the Day: We shouldn't look so far ahead that we forget to appreciate what's happening right now. The "Right Now's" are very easy to miss but are all we really have since we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.

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Coulters Gone Country said...

You're a wise woman, Meredith! Once you have more than one child, those "just us" moments are rare. Enjoy!