Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, White, & (You Can See Thru My) Blue

That's right. See this blue blouse? (Yes, I used the word "blouse".) It wasn't until I got to my parent's house and took pictures there that I realized my shirt bit see through. I actually had to crop myself out of this picture. : ( As if I weren't feeling bulky enough, I was a walking ad for Inappropriateness, too. So, I opted to show you THIS photo for my 33 week pregnant lady picture. Hooray!Tonight, Grayson had a fun time in the pool with his cousins. Not sure why he's trying to escape here. Ha!I really like this picture of him. I wonder if he's going to have a smile that shows only his bottom teeth. :)This weekend, we also went to a good friend's birthday party. Here's Leslee with her beautiful birthday boy, Cole. He turned 6. They got him a swingset for his birthday, and the kids really had a good time. Grayson quickly found the ice bucket of water bottles. Before we even arrived, Grayson wasn't sure what we meant by "party". Now - he definitely knows what the word means. He saw these pictures and he said, "Party!" Leslee and Steven know how to give a child (and parents) a good time. Thought For the Day: Remember to think of our troops today. I hope you and yours had a blessed holiday weekend!

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