Friday, July 22, 2011

Off We Go To The Science Museum

Astronaut Grayson Garrett landed on the moon today. Interestingly enough, his mother (sans space suit) accompanied him.Today, Al and I took the kids to the well-air conditioned Oklahoma Science Museum - formerly named and still referred to by many as "The Omniplex." We were VERY excited. I won't show you ALL the pictures, as I took enough to create an entire scrapbook just from today's adventure. I did want to show you a few photos to give you a sense of all the fun we had.

Here's a stolen moment with me and Buddy on a gigantic tooth. I hope it wasn't a cavity. ;)This dinosaur wasn't as soft or as purple as the one the kids are used to. We almost got arrested, because we were having so much fun! What? Lame? Sigh...This particular play area was a H-I-T!!Thought For the Day: Learning about science can even be fun for toddlers...when you pack a yummy lunch and bring a lot of Skittles to avoid meltdowns. :)

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Allison White said...

We have to go back!!! We had the best time with you and Grayson.