Friday, July 29, 2011

3 Things I Observed At the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping sans child is a great form of Mommy Time...Except when Mommy's uterus is contracting, it's 103 degrees and I realize I have a mustard stain on my shirt. Patience running thin, I made the following observations:

1) Parking Is (Apparently) Really Difficult. Um. (Moment to collect myself.) To the lady who parked so sideways in my row and hers that I almost could not slide my huge belly in between our cars and squeeze in my door: You could have re-parked. You also could have refrained from SMIRKING when you saw me struggling to get to my door because of your lazy mistake.

2) Food Is FLYING Off of the Shelves. Why else would people see me coming and still feel the need to walk RIGHT out in front of me (when I clearly have the right away) to the point where I have to stop the cart? Yes, the food must be flying off the shelves if people need to get there that quickly.

3) Katy Perry Is A Crowd Pleaser. What better song to pick out your cereal to than "I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It"? I bet those "mature" shoppers appreciated the pleasant soundtrack. I know I did. ;)

Thought For the Day: Am I the only one who has noticed a huge lack of social graces at the grocery store? I feel like I'm on Supermarket Sweep half of the time. Ha!

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Lindsay Erin said...

I have tickets to Katy Perry in September, me and my girls bought them in April! I know it's a little teeny bopper of us but I'm super excited to go out with the girls! The wait has made it even more exciting. Love you Mere!