Monday, June 27, 2011

"You're Gonna Miss This"

Almost every day, that song (by Trace Adkins) plays in my head. It's usually when Grayson is being quite the hand full, or when I'm the most frustrated. I hear that tear-jerker of a song and it reminds me that, believe it or not, Meredith: "You're gonna miss're gonna want this back...You're gonna wish these days...hadn't gone by so fast. These are the good times, so take a good look around...You may not know it now, but...You're gonna miss this." Oh, buddy, don't ever grow up!Thought For the Day: Even a really tough day with a child is just another day in paradise. Thank you, Lord, for every single minute I get to spend with my son.


Mommy's Shoes said...

Oh girl....I needed this today!

Coulters Gone Country said...

Yes, "you're gonna miss this" but the memories get better as they get older. My "little man" starts his senior year of high school next year. But I still remember every moment, good and bad. The great thing is the "bad" times become funny moments as they get older. Now hurry up and birth that baby so I can hold it!!!

You Can't Spell Practical Without Traci said...

Yes, so true! Enjoy every single moment! Have you heard "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift? It gets me every time and I don't even have kiddos yet!