Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Does Your Energy Say About You?

Have you ever been in a room and, when someone entered, the whole energy changed? (For good or for bad?) I'm not THAT into Oprah, but she did say something on her last episode that I had to write down:

"You are responsible for the energy that you bring to others."

Why do I love this quote, and why should you? Because it's true!

We all bring a certain energy into a room, situation or encounter - whether we're aware of it or not. The point is, we should BE aware of it. It's our individual responsibility. Regardless of the situation (if you're a member of an audience, paying for your groceries or showing up for work), you are transferring either a positive or negative energy to other people...

But no pressure.

Thought For the Day: Ever been around someone who had THE most negative energy? And then YOU got in a bad mood? It's a chain reaction, so be the person that starts a positive ripple effect.


katandkarl said...

yes. not to sound all crazy but, being an extrovert, i def feeeeeed off of others energy and it puts me in a real bad mood when the world starts being all NEGATIVE. It's nice to be reminded to try and be the positive one - especially lately! :)

Coulters Gone Country said...

Meredith, you and I have both worked for the Negativity Champion of the World! And yes, it is very contagious!!! Still miss having you there to defend me.