Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect?

Meet Practice Baby (for Grayson, not me!). In an effort to maintain SOME level of normalcy with G once the baby is born, I've been allowing him to play more and more with Practice Baby.

Today, I sat her on the chair and G climbed up next to her and began reading his book.He was so kind as to share his "go bose" (translation: gummy bears)...And give her a drink of his juice. I hope all this sharing and caring doesn't turn into kicking and pushing once the real baby arrives. I know that to an extent, there is going to be some level of jealousy. But, Grayson's already aware that Change is in the air, so I hope this all helps a little.

Thought For the Day: Even toddlers can sense change is happening. They are so much more aware than we give them credit!

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Mommy's Shoes said...

That is too precious!!