Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Baby Shower & Friend Hour

Although this cupcake was truly delightful, my baby shower was an even better experience! Why?Well, for one, I got to see some of my closest friends and family members. I really wanted to get a picture with each guest, but I failed (miserably) to accomplish that because I was running around (which resulted in me sweating profusely. TMI?). Here I am BEFORE all that "glowing" began.My sister graciously hosted the shower and did a wonderful job down to the last detail. She is so selfless and giving. Here we are with our cousin, Monica. Monica and my Aunt Francis drove down from Tulsa. I was so glad to see them - they are such a blessing to me. Everyone looked so cute, but I had to point out the dress that my dear friend, Leslee, wore! Leslee, if you're reading this, you looked so lovely, and I loved that your dress had pockets. P.S. Next time we take a picture, I'll try not to let Lamp get between us.Here's Joey with our sister-in-law, Stephanie. She's not only a Shopping Queen, but a Planner. For us, this meant she gifted us sooo many cute outfits and beautiful dresses (seen below), because she picked them up months in advance when they were on sale. Thanks, Steph!!I had to show you a few treats. Below are those calorie-free (yeah, right) cupcakes that I was eating.Cookies, anyone?When we said "brush", G brushed his hair with this...because that's what brushes do. But, not this kind of brush, buddy. (G with Grandma.)Here are two adorable burp cloths that Al made us to match our baby's nursery. If Baby is going to spit up on me, at least the cuteness of these will minimize the yucky-factor. Ha ha!And while I can't show you everything, the bags and tissues are emblematic of all the much-needed items that everyone so generously gave us. We tried to keep our registry at about $20 and below to respect the dollars of our awesome friends and family. And some people went way above and beyond. We are so grateful for every last gift that was given to us. A few besties of mine (actually all three of my bridesmaids) were unable to attend the shower due to being out of town. However, they texted me the nicest messages, and I considered them there in spirit.

Amy was actually in town, but had plans (which is what she was in town for). I was lucky enough to meet up with her and her family for a late dinner at Cheevers. I only see Amy about 3x a year, so I eat up my time with her.Thanks to all the guests who attended, and to the little girls and guys who accompanied their mamas. Joey and I enjoyed seeing you all. We stayed up way past our bedtime talking about how much fun we had. Thought For the Day: When you give something, no matter how big or small, you don't know the impact that it has. Withhold nothing simply because of the size or insignificance. This may include something like a compliment, your support, a gift or your time.

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Monica said...

It was truly a wonderful time spent with you all!! You got so many wonderful things and we were so happy to be there!!