Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life Etiquette 101...Or "Duh"

Maybe the heat is to blame. Maybe people just don't care. But, enough is enough, people. (P.S. None of this is directed at my readers. Promise.)

~When I let you go ahead of me in traffic or pull out in my lane, give me "the wave". It's common courtesy.~If I'm clearly waiting for a parking place (blinker on and all), don't whip in and take my spot. Thanks in advance.

~Next, I want to black out when I see people do this. Never ever ever ever throw your money on the counter when paying. I know I don't want the clerk to give MY money back by sliding it across the counter...so I'm going to give them the same amount of consideration I expect.~Please don't talk so loudly on your cell phone with no discretion. My 2 yo and I don't need to hear your fowl mouth and/or what you did last weekend and/or which kind of beer you prefer.

~Never assume a woman is pregnant - UNLESS SHE TELLS YOU. Recently, a friend was telling me how twice in 3 weeks, different people asked when she was due. Her response? I had the baby 5 WEEKS AGO.

~Here's a question: If I'm driving 45 mph, what makes you think you can go my speed if you pull right out in front of me? You can't. Please stop trying.

~Lastly, (I know you guys feel me on this) if you have a cart full of items and I only have a few, could you be a peach and offer to let me check out ahead of you?????????????? Thought For the Day: I know publicly venting is not very becoming, but I'm pregnant and I'm a bit short on patience these days. Plus, wouldn't it be nice if people were a bit more cognizant of their behavior (in and out of the car)? ;)

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Janiece Todd Parsons said...

I'm your newest fan and I LOVE this post! I am working on one about parking and came across yours! Glad I did!
Join me too if you'd like!