Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Game Day!

When I tell you what this shirt is all about, you (too) might be humored that, every time I wear it, women smile and ask, "It's what? A boy or a girl?" Well, the shirt DOES suggest a question. So, I can see why they'd ask! This is my favorite t-shirt. It says, "It's...Game Day!" Even though it's not a maternity shirt, it's large enough for me to wear. Plus, I think EVERY day is game day these days. Why?

There's no "off" day when you're a mom. And when you're pregnant in 101 degree weather, you have to put on your game face (even if the heat is just going to melt it off). Today, we went to the downtown OKC "libeewy" and signed up Grayson for the summer reading program. May I just say that, at first, I thought these statues were real? I thought I was interrupting Storytime until I noticed the librarian's lips weren't moving and the scary children were WAY too still.

I was afraid to look directly AT them for fear they might wink at me.After I answered a girl's question about my shirt and the baby's sex ;), I proceeded to find some fun books for Grayson to read. (Notice the book on moods. We're working on identifying those.)His daddy kept him busy all the while.Grayson is OBSESSED with the alphabet. I mean, the child wakes up asking for the letter J.A certain somebody couldn't make it a mile down the road without passing out. With one shoe on and one shoe off, he was a hot mess. But a cute one. Thought For the Day: Reading to kiddos at very early ages is so important and gives them confidence! Put on your game face and take your little one to the library, too. It's free fun.

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