Monday, June 20, 2011

Free Falling

"Ready to go camping?" Joey asked Grayson yesterday before he assembled the crib tent. Fortunately, G seemed to love the tent.

And last night, I went to sleep with peace of mind that he wouldn't be escaping out of the crib like a soldier parachuting out of a plane.Sleep around the Garrett Homestead has been truly unpredictable and frustratingly little. I guess Grayson is sensing too much change and will no longer sleep through the night.

Once he's up, we're all up for the rest of the night. What's worse, is he won't stay in the crib, so we really can't confine him. I'm hugely against him sleeping in our bed, so that is always a last resort. We finally broke down and ordered a crib tent from This is the only place we could find one. I think these should be available at most stores, as crib jumping is hazardous!

I really hope this helps out some. I'm getting quite worried about being up all night with Grayson AND a newborn. One is bad enough, right?

Thought For the Day: Prayers are welcome!

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