Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Joey Is Scared To Have A Girl

Tonight Joey came home from a Big Gulp run, and this is what he said to me:

Joey: (Sigh) Honey, I'm afraid to have a girl.
Me: Why?
Joey: Because I was just at 7-Eleven, and I walked in behind this, like, 10 year old girl wearing the shortest shorts, and ALL the guys were staring at her! Even the old men. Gross! What is wrong with people?
Me: Well, first of all. We aren't going to let our daughter wear things like that.
Joey: Can we just pretend to be part of a religion that makes the women wear long skirts and all that stuff?
Me: (Laughing) No.
Joey: (Another worried sigh.)
Me: Honey, we are going to do our best to clothe her appropriately. But, unfortunately, men are going to look no matter what. Because men are pigs.And that's why Joey is scared to have a girl.

He always talks about how he's going to be a nervous wreck when our daughter starts attracting attention from boys. I remind him that he was a bit of a flirt as a boy, and now maybe the Lord is paying him back for all the anxiety he gave those other dads. ;)

Thought For the Day: Are girls growing up way too fast these days, or are we just older now and we're forgetting how we were at that age?


Joey Garrett said...

I'm thinking that it wouldn't be so bad if the ultrasound technician gave us the wrong gender. So what if we've already finished decorating her room.

Joey Garrett said...

Oh and I was a flirt. I'm not sure who loved me more, my girlfriends or their moms. ;)