Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Update: Arrow & Coco Are Doing Well

Remember a few months ago when I expressed how concerned I was for two horses during the winter storms?Well, I visited them today, and I'm happy to report that they managed to tough out the harsh winter.

They seem to be doing well, but I am a bit worried about their diminishing water supply. Their little pond is drying up due to Oklahoma City's lack of rain.

You can see the pond in this picture. It used to be a lot more substantial than what it is now. Can you see Arrow galloping to me in all of his majestic glory?After a playdate at my sister's house, Grayson and I stopped to feed the horses some apples and carrots. They were SO appreciative. I wish I had all the apples and carrots in the world so I could keep A and C full and horse-happy.Their noses are so soft!

Thought For the Day:Maybe someday I'll be blessed enough to own horses like Arrow and Coco. I'd love to teach my children to ride.

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