Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornadoes, A Hospital Basement & Fried Chicken?

I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life. I've heard a tornado pass over my house and rip out our family's magnolia. I hear sirens all the time. But, I've never been scared for my life until today.

Why? Considering what just happened in Joplin, and because the weather guy said, "This is deadly, deadly, deadly!" Not what you want to hear.Joey came home early and we decided it wasn't safe to stay in the house. I HATED leaving Penny Lane and Lucy alone, especially because they are terrified of this weather. But, we packed our bags and went to the basement of Deaconess Hospital here in Oklahoma City. I even took Grayson's baby book.The hospital was packed. However, we got a good seat near this little TV. It was quite the wait. One lady proceeded to eat a fried drumstick, feed the skin to her little lap dog and then suck the bone herself. I could only look away, as I can't stomach much these days.

Soon, everyone felt safe enough to leave. And then there was just Grayson. :) In all seriousness, the tornadoes completely demolished several areas, leaving cattle dead, houses wiped out, and pets missing. There are a few casualties and, currently, a child is still missing. I am praying for these families!

One man found a horse in his swimming pool. I think it was alive, but he didn't own the horse. You can only imagine how it got there.

Thought For the Day: When is this weather going to give the world a break?

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Monica said...

I am sooo glad you guys are all ok!! Thanks for keeping in contact with me!! We spent some time down in the cellar ourselves here!!