Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Day of $3 Home Decorating

When the boys are away, the mouse will redecorate (or shall I say "rearrange") some things in the house.

Joey took Grayson out to his dad's house for the morning, so I had some long overdue "by myself time"! While out, I ended up stopping at one more garage sale and found a few items I loved, for $3 each. I can't help but share a good deal with my readers!The two big throw pillows are made of thick fabric and rich, warm colors ($3 each). The round, satin one was a quarter. (I like mixing textures.)This frame was also $3.And so was this lamp. Shut the front door, right? Or should I say "bathroom door", because that's where it went - in my bathroom. ;) It's been so long since I bought new throw pillows, etc. that I had to take advantage of such great prices. So, it was a fun time for me, and I'm glad my boys got to have some fun of their own.Thought For the Day: Decorating on a dime is a must for a stay-at-home mom. I'd love to see YOUR photos of how you've redecorated areas using your frugal ways.

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Allison White said...

Your house looks sooooo awesome! I can't believe you found such great deals. But then again I can because I think we have mastered this garage sale thing. Really Mere, your house looks like a magazine or Hemispheres!! Way to go!!