Monday, May 9, 2011

Goodbye Egg-zema? Before & After Photos

After testing for Grayson's food allergies and seeing his strong reaction to egg, peanut and bean allergens, we removed all ingredients related to those from his diet. But would it work? Could anything really "fix" our son's skin?Would he really be relieved of his constant itching?You tell me. God is so good! We have struggled with Grayson's eczema his whole life. And while I've cried so many tears over his discomfort (these pictures aren't the worst), I am thankful that Grayson is otherwise healthy. I realize that some parents have to battle illnesses or special needs in their children, and my heart goes out to them.

This "patch" was like a permanent tattoo on the back of Grayson's knees. A week and a half later, here is the same spot.Generally speaking, Grayson seems more comfortable and unbothered by his skin. No more bringing mommy the "special" lotions!

Yes, the procedure to find out his allergies was one of my worst experiences, but it was life-changing. Joey and I (and our families) are so thankful that Grayson reacted positively to these allergen avoidances. I just hope this is permanent. :)

Thought For the Day: I don't show these pictures to exploit my son, but rather to share what he has overcome and to also encourage other parents going through the same thing. There are a lot of you out there.


hippyface123 said...

I am 12 and i think i have really bad egg-zema! HELP ME my mom missed the doctor opointment what do i do?!

hippyface123 said...

I have egg zema to... i am 12 years old....I dont know what to do with it, its on my knuckle and i get made fun of it