Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why I'm A Proud Oklahoman

Sixteen years ago today, I was sitting in my 7th grade math class when I heard a loud sound. Ms. Pealer thought it was a gunshot, so she locked the classroom door from the outside.

No one knew what was going on until word spread that a building downtown had been bombed. Kids were walking around crying, trying to get a hold of their parents - especially those who had loved ones working in that area. It wasn't until we watched the news that we understood what had happened and how many people lost their lives. If you get a chance to visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, you will be silenced by how powerful it is. We continue to remember the men, women and children who died that day.I won't say much more, but I DO want to say this: I'm proud to call myself an Oklahoman. Sure, I hate the unstoppable wind here, but let me offer a few things I like about our state:

~People are NICE here. Cashiers tell you to have a nice day, and we're never too busy to flash a smile.~Some people may be...er...redneck-ish, but most people are forward-thinkers and dynamic business people. Some of Fortune 500's biggest and best corporations reside here. ~I don't have to look up to see the sky (because I'm surrounded by tall buildings everywhere I go). ~When I want to go somewhere, I just jump in my car. I don't have to pay for a cab or heavily rely on public transportation that is so ubiquitous in places like NYC.

I could keep going, but I reckon that'll do for now.

Thought For the Day: Please remember to pray for the families of the bombing victims. Especially the parents who lost their little babies and children. I can't imagine what this day is like for them every year.

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